Mold Decontamination using Chlorine Dioxide Fumigation

DeepReach Oxidation is the safe, proven and by-the-book choice for mold remediation. Our patented sensor and application equipment allow us to apply the correct level of ClO2 gas into an area to be treated. There is no need to remove furnishings, computers, or papers. Our controlled low dose procedure assures complete decontamination.

DeepReach Oxidation's gaseous chlorine dioxide is the first compound commercially available to fumigate buildings and their contents for microbes. The simple truth is that there is no better application method to insure complete coverage and penetration than fumigation. 

DRO has worked on numerous comprehensive mold projects involving multiple contractors, working in unison, to deliver the most cost effective and rigorous mold abatement technique available today. The addition of a fumigation step to mold abatement generates a number of significant advantages. The costs of traditional mold remediation are high, primarily due to the expense associated with the man-hours required for the demolition and reconstruction of the interior of these contaminated structures, the replacement of the HVAC systems, and the extensive down times involved in the completion of the projects.

By employing a selective demolition strategy in conjunction with pre-cleaning and fumigation, man-hours are significantly reduced, time to completion is dramatically cut and project costs are minimized. Clearance data after our jobs exceeds the more costly abatement procedures not using fumigation. This fumigation augmented mold abatement process is outlined in detail on the EPA registered DRO5000 label, EPA # 82484-1, and is an accepted mold abatement strategy since 2006.

Whether you have a complex project or a simple home or office mold issue, DeepReach oxidation is here to help with cost effective, safe, and proven technology.